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  • 當前位置:廣州稀淇禮品貿易有限公司 >> 關于稀淇 >> 頻道首頁

            廣州稀淇(禮品)貿易有限公司是“稀淇·創薪禮品廠”旗下,集設計、研發、生產于一體的首批廣州禮品公司,始創于1994年11月3日,是90年代廣東禮品行業的標榜單位。18年來,本公司為可口可樂、百事可樂、諾基亞、立邦漆、曼妥思等世界500強知名品牌、政府機關單位制造出各種廣告促銷禮品、廣告贈品及商務禮品、會議禮品、廣告禮品令客戶在新產品推廣、產品促銷活動及各種慶典、會議、周年紀念活動中通過廣告創意禮品的宣傳活動中錦上添花,增大業績。本公司格守著以準確無誤的交貨時間和產品質量為首的經營理念一直得到客戶的認同和支持,從2004年至今都是中國電信廣州分公司指定供應商之一。 隨著時代的步伐,我們引入新、奇、特各款廣告贈品、促銷禮品、廣告禮品定制。為適合中國稅務法規,為客戶提供17%的增值稅票服務。
            Chuang-xin gift factory, first founded on November 3rd 1994, has been a typical enterprise since the 1990’s which is committing itself to researching, designing and manufacturing.Over a decade, our factory (www.xs029.com) has provided different advertising promotion products, presents and advertising gifts for countless famous brands and government authorities which made them promote their new products in sales promotion, different celebrations, conferences and anniversary activities more perfect through the advertising gift promotion.
            Our factory always takes accurate delivery time and good quality as the basis of the management concept which has won our clients’ recognition and support.With the pace of the times, we established the Creation (H.K) International trade co., Limited in Hong Kong in 2008 and has brought new, novel and special gifts and promotion products... In order to conform to the taxation laws of China, we registered the "Guangzhou Xi-qi trade Co., Ltd." in 2009 to provide our customers with 17% of the value-added tax invoice.
    Adhering to the concept of integrity, good-quality and assured-quantity, we continue to provide you with more excellent and suitable gifts. We are not only to sale our products but also hope to help our clients improve their sales through the combined advertising promotions and gifts we designed. Please trust that we are professional enough. Our whole-hearted service will make you reassured, relieved and confidence. We are expecting more support and recognition of you. Let's work together and create brilliant!